The digital logistics network that will update your forwarder to today’s market

Parnity will help you to receive shipments from more than 3k forwarders, and choose partners in less than 3 clicks using a transparent validation process.

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Expose your forwarder to receive shipments

Free and paid users can find forwarders to quote, so if your forwarder is listed on our search results, your forwarder will start receiving much more exposure than you get on a regular network, which will increase your business.

Appear on the search results

Counting with more than 11000 searches by month, your forwarder will be eligible to receive part of those accesses and quotations.

Transparent validation process

Pass through our transparent validation system, to be listed on our network, and start receiving quotations.

Be the first forwarder in your country

We don't list the forwarders on the search results alphabetically. Using our search algorithm, your forwarder can appear first on the search results and get more shipments.

Consulting to improve results

Human consultancy will help you to improve your profile and visibility inside the network

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Find forwarders to handle your shipments

Find new forwarders to work with in a simple, fast, and complete way.

Worldwide coverage

Find 3.000 forwarders in more than 150 countries. This will ensure you can find a forwarder to partner with anywhere in the world.

Save time

Find a partner anywhere in the world in five seconds, 60% less time when compared to other logistics networks. A complete profile with the complete information will help you to make faster quotes.

Human close support

Despite being super technological, we believe that nothing replaces someone on the other side helping you with whatever you need to make better partnerships.

Search algorithm

Our search algorithm helps you to find companies that are aligned with your needs. You can also filter your search by service, modal or city to save time when looking for a new partner.

Transparent validation process

Quote only validated forwarders, and check all documents that went through our transparent validation process.

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Add-on feature

Freight forwarder management

Using a spreadsheet to manage your forwarder partners can be quite limited, right?

That is why we have developed a completely new solution in the logistics market for you to be able to manage your forwarder partners.

Organize your current Partners

Upload your current list of partners, and be able to organize them through a board by country, modal, service, quality, or… whatever you want (really!).

Forwarder partners map

Visualize your worldwide partners map to understand which lanes need to be developed in terms of partnerships, and which ones you are good to go.

Business Intelligence tool

Upload your current partnerships data to get access to a business intelligence tool, and be able to analyze all your forwarders partnerships data. Management can make better decisions based on accurate, up-to-date metrics.

Add new partners to your management list

Find a forwarder in a lane that you haven’t developed yet, and add them to your management list. Be also able to rank them by country, modal, service, or whatever you want.

Sharing your partner’s board

The chosen teams inside your forwarder can see the boards per country, and quote only the pre-selected companies.

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