The evolution of Logistics Networks

Connect with other forwarders and exchange businesses.

ALL MEMBERS can find forwarders to work with in +75 countries, and exchange business in a fast and intuitive way through our quotation system - Business Hub.

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Parnity members can exchange business with forwarders from more than 75 countries with over 300 offices. Through a complete company profile members can decide the partners that best suits their needs for each shipment.

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a thriving community dedicated to improving networking and business exchange

We aim to improve the partnerships between forwarders and the freight business through an easy-to-use network system.

The evolution of forwarders Network

With members in 75+ countries, Parnity provides a community for your forwarder to enhance business and partnerships. Our fresh approach to networking propels your freight forwarder to a new level.

Payment protection

Parnity Shield is Parnity's payment protection. Add a Shield to your membership and be protected in incoming payments from other members, it covers up to $10,000.  Be protected to make partnerships with all members inside Parnity!

Parnity Business HUB

Access global business opportunities quickly. Post a business request in under a minute and receive quotes within 48 hours. Check local opportunities and submit your quotation.

Transparent validation process

All members in our network undergo a transparent validation process. Joining documents are made accessible to all, empowering informed decisions when selecting a new partner.

Real-time chat with forwarders

Parnity has an online chat that enables forwarders to talk in real-time and exchange business. Talk and be contacted by forwarders of our community looking for a new partnership.