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5 advantages of freight forwarder digitization

Created on | Last updated on June 26, 2023 at 04:22 pm

Although there are many forwarders operating with minimum help from technology, the digital transformation in freight forwarding is getting forwarders around the world due to the advantages freight forwarder digitization can bring to the companies.

Because freight digitization is still a new and ongoing process, freight forwarders must keep in mind that choosing to implement a digitalization process inside the company must make sense and be helpful to the workflow of your employees, your forwarder partners, and clients. 

In case you understand that being part of the digital freight forwarding transformation can benefit your company and optimize your work then you should know that, according to Fundação Getúlio Vargas, at each 1% a company increases in its technology investments, the profit of the company in a period of two years increases by 7%. 

The advantages of freight digitization

Freight forwarder digitization can bring many advantages to the company, especially within your forwarder partnerships. Check out below 5 benefits digitization can bring to your freight forwarding partnerships.

  1. Improve visibility of your forwarder partners

Using new technology in the freight forwarding industry helps your forwarder company to have a better view of the partners you have been exchanging business with and the ones you intend to establish some kind of partnership with. Having your freight partners gathered in a single place leads you to make faster quotations, therefore, faster decisions.

A great freight forwarder management system to help you with that is Parnity’s add-on feature:

  • map your actual partners by quality, modal or region, etc;
  • centralize all partnerships information in one single place;
  • let your team quote only selected partners, with incontestable credibility information;
  • add notes to your forwarder partner’s board;
  • share the board with the whole company.
  1. Efficient connection with freight partners 

By gathering your freight forwarder partner’s information in a single place and enabling your whole team to have access to it the communication between you and your partners will flow a lot better because you accelerate the process of closing a business. The connection flows better here once you don’t have to go back and forth with the many emails you exchange. 

  1. Multiple sales channel 

Another freight forwarder technology solution that will help you with your digitization process is the variety of options you have to increase your business opportunities. For example, being part of forwarder directories, digital logistics networks, having a good and structured website, being active on LinkedIn, Facebook, and WhatsApp. All of this helps you to improve the reach of your company and increase the chances of expanding sales.

  1. Lower margin of errors

A big part of the freight forwarder digitization is to automatize processes inside your freight company, and that will reduce the margin of errors. So, for example, let’s say you want to analyze your forwarder partnerships to understand if there are any improvements to be done, and you choose to do it with help from a system. You can use Parnity’s Partnership Analytics system, it helps you to visualize clearly the business you have been exchanging, the volume of cargo you have been receiving, and the profit you have been making. 

  1. Provide the best experience to your partners 

The more you provide a good experience to your freight forwarder partner the more likely it is for him to close a shipment with you. And that starts from the simplest of things, for example having a good website, a complete profile on the logistics networks, and forwarder directories you are part of. This also increases the chances of your partner indicating you to others, and that is a win-win.

How Parnity can help you with freight forwarder digitization

Parnity is a digital logistics network updated to today’s freight forwarding market, and that means digitization!

Forwarders inside Parnity can exchange business with over 150 forwarders members from more than 75 countries that make up to 1,500 quotations per month.

Inside Parnity, our members have a complete profile with all the information forwarders need to send quotation requests, quote only validated forwarders, and check all documents that went through our transparent validation process, this will allow you to fasten your quotation process. Forwarders can add quotations inside Parnity and answer other requests made by members. Not to mention that they can start a real-time chat to talk about business opportunities.

And also, as mentioned above, you can enjoy Parnity’s freight forwarder management system to not only manage your current partnerships but analyze them. 

To know more about Parnity and how it can help you with your freight forwarder digitization click here.

Go digital

By seeing the advantages that freight forwarder digitization can bring to your forwarder partnerships it’s time to ponder if it will truly benefit your company and help you optimize your work. In case you understand that it will, that is great, start working on it, otherwise, don’t go making investments in technologies you don’t need just to keep up with the latest trends, ok?