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How to find qualified freight forwarders

Created on | Last updated on October 18, 2022 at 01:06 pm

If you are a forwarder, you know how hard it is to find qualified freight forwarders to work with among the thousands of freight forwarding companies on the market. And with the amount of companies in the sector, the decision gets even more difficult to make. 

We know that one of the hardest parts of the forwarder’s job is: find qualified freight forwarders to work with. For that reason, many freight forwarder companies resort to the traditional logistics network in order to make it easier to find qualified partners.

However, being in charge of making the decision of who you exchange business with, should be based on the analysis that your freight forwarder company makes of the partner you intend to make business with.

Why should you analyze your potential forwarder partner?

As mentioned before, you should be the one who makes the decision of who to partner with. For that reason, before partnering with a forwarder, it is important to make an analysis of the forwarder company. 

When you are the one analyzing a potential forwarder partner you know exactly what your freight forwarder needs at that particular moment. Therefore, you know what to look for. 

Analyzing potential partners is an important step to make sure that you are choosing a partner that:

  • has the expertise you are looking for; 
  • has a clean background;
  • has already made other business exchanges;
  • has trusted logistics certifications. 

How to find qualified freight forwarders outside the traditional logistics network

Do you know what are the criteria the traditional logistics network takes under consideration when qualifying a partner to join? Not knowing what analysis the network makes can jeopardize your forwarder company.

When you have control of choosing your forwarder partners you can make sure that that freight forwarder partner is the best fit for your business. Why let the logistics network choose a partner for you when you can choose it yourself and analyze it from your own perspective?

Take control of your decisions and make your own partnership analysis.

Start by going to the freight forwarder’s website and checking everything on it, read about his company, about the services he offers, what are the previous partners he has worked with, his certifications, the contact number, etc.

Get in touch with his former partners, if you can, get in touch with a previous partner of the freight forwarder company, ask them if they had a good experience, and if they would recommend that forwarder as a partner.

See if your potential forwarder partner has any certifications, and make sure they are validated. 

It seems easy saying it like that right? But we know how much time this takes, that’s why Parnity made it easier for you! Make your analysis on Parnity – the digital logistics network in a matter of minutes: 

  • Search for freight forwarders in the country/city you need, by the type of service or even by logistics certifications;
  • Check out his website, get to know your potential partner; 
  • Browse through the “About Company”, view the main information about the company, photos, videos, presentations, the services offered, and the key contacts in the forwarder profile;
  • Check out the forwarder’s validation documents; 
  • See if the forwarder has recommendations of past partnerships;
  • View the forwarder’s Trust Scan, what are his certifications, financial records, if he is making contacts, and when was the last time he used Parnity.

Ok but, what is Trust Scan?

Trust Scan is a feature inside Parnity that allows every freight forwarder in the network to visualize the forwarder member certifications, (IATA, AEO, FDRS, and D-U-N-S Number). The forwarder’s financial records; community indicators, which means how many times that forwarder is being considered a partner; the contacts that forwarder made in the month; and his Parnity usage, when was the forwarder’s last access to Parnity.

The Trust Scan is a space in the forwarder’s profile available for forwarders to check essential information about their potential partners, in order to help with the partnership analysis based on verified criteria.

Inside the Trust Scan you will also find Parnity’s Validation, a field that shows all of the documents validated by Parnity and that allowed each forwarder to be listed on the network and become a member. We like to call it transparent validation process because it allows every forwarder part of Parnity’s digital logistics network to choose their partners based on what they think is best.

Parnity’s goal with Trust Scan and the Transparent Validation Process is to give you the power of deciding which partner to choose based on verified criteria in order to make your decision more assertive. 

Start taking control and choose yourself the best partners for your forwarder!