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Freight forwarder customer success – improve your business

Created on | Last updated on May 13, 2022 at 02:27 pm

The forwarding business is full of challenges, however, your freight forwarder customer success shouldn’t be one of them. Your freight clients have to be at the center of your company, they need to be your main priority in order to succeed. 

For years many freight forwarders didn’t worry about how their clients felt regarding the services that were delivered. Gladly forwarders are starting to understand the importance of keeping their customers at the center of their business and how this helps them to improve their freight companies.

Once it started to make sense in the freight forwarding industry many companies developed a customer service department, yet, there is a difference between freight forwarder customer success and customer service. 

How is customer success different from customer service?

Customer service is a team dedicated to assisting freight forwarder customers before, during, and after the operation. As for customer success, the responsible team aims at helping freight customers to be more successful during their whole path.

The big difference between them is that customer success is proactive, it worries about the journey of the freight client, and how he will succeed. While customer service is reactive, it helps freight forwarder clients to solve problems or doubts during the operation. 

And that is why freight forwarding customer success goes beyond and takes your company to the next level. 

Here is a guide we prepared for you to learn how to build your forwarder customer’s success journey, click here to access it.

Why focus on freight forwarder customer success?

  1. To increase your freight customer’s loyalty:

Let’s say you went to a bakery store and you were so happy with the attention you got that you keep coming back. Well, that is the same energy, the better you support your freight customers and partners, the more they will come back to do business with you, leading to an increase in your freight forwarder customer’s loyalty and more business operations. 

  1. To make your freight business a reference in the market

Reference and recommendation are everything, especially in the freight forwarding industry with so many freight companies. That is why it’s important to make your customer feel like they can count on you for every situation, this is how you will get your freight forwarder clients to recommend your company.

Can you imagine if every customer you have recommends you to a couple of other clients? You could easily double your freight customers and partners, therefore double your freight business. 

  1. To avoid problems with your freight operations

Paying attention to your forwarder client will help you to see potential problems that might arise. That is why the freight forwarder customer success team takes care of each freight client and partner in order to prevent further problems. 

Always remember to keep your freight forwarder customers and partners on the same page as your company to avoid chances of disappointments.

  1. To improve your freight forwarder business

A big part of customer success is listening to what your freight forwarding clients and partners have to say, which helps the company to improve its business.

That is because your freight customers and partners will let you know what they think could have been done better, what they liked, what they thought wasn’t necessary, and so on. So, not only listen to what they have to say but work on their suggestions. 

  1. To increase your freight forwarding profit

Following the 4 steps above will help you to succeed as a freight forwarder, and increase your profitability. After all, if you can manage to improve your freight forwarder customer’s loyalty, to be a reference to other company’s, and to keep improving your business operations the growth will come naturally. 

How to apply customer success in my forwarder company?

If you already have a customer service department you are halfway there, you will only need to change your mindset, however, if you don’t you should start by leaving one person in charge of the job. Either way, it’s important to start applying the concepts above in your freight company.

  • So, start by focusing on being active and not reactive, yes of course there will be moments when you’ll need to be reactive, but most of the time be proactive. For instance, let’s say you will sign a contract with a new freight forwarder customer or partner, before they ask you the most common questions: why don’t you prepare a FAQ to send your clients with the main doubts there are. This will show them that you are already prepared to answer their questions.
  • Along with being prepared and thinking in advance, you should always keep yourself open to feedback. Ask your freight customers and partners how the process went if they have anything to say, if it’s the case send them a survey to answer the main points you would like to know. And of course, work on the improvements of the feedback you receive.
  • Take care of the entire operation, make sure you and your whole team are aligned with the same purpose, and with the workflow of the freight company, so that the entire team knows how each process interacts with the final result. Thus, the important point here is to keep track of the entire operation and make sure that the team will make everything as best as they can.
  • Humanize the process of your freight forwarding company, behind all of the work there are people, and people want to feel good with the job, they want to feel appreciated, and unique. So call your freight customers and partners by their name, be enthusiastic, remember that one little detail they tell you, connect with your client and discover what is important to them.

Go be successful

You are all set to start working with customer success inside your freight forwarding company. Always bear in mind that your freight forwarding customer needs to be at the center of your company. 

To learn more about freight forwarder customer success watch the video below.