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How to get forwarder shipping deals

Created on | Last updated on June 26, 2023 at 04:59 pm

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As the years go by, competition in the freight forwarding business is getting higher and higher. The logistics market these days requires freight forwarders to take measures to increase their sales and stand out from other companies. However, do you know how to get forwarder shipping deals?

Despite a freight forwarding company’s size or global reach, many other things can contribute to a business getting more shipments…

3 ways to get more forwarder shipping deals

Knowing how to get more forwarder shipping deals means understanding how to attract your target audience and turn them into customers through factors ranging from competitive rates, efficient sales and marketing strategy, and cost-effective logistical solutions.

Working as a freight forwarder involves, besides knowing how to conduct relationships with business partners, a sensitivity to understanding the diversity of ways to attract new partners, increase your business generation, and get more shipments.

Below are 3 ways to get more forwarder shipping deals. Check them out!

  1. Have a complete profile

Your forwarding website should be one of your main focuses in the digital environment. That’s because not only it is a way for another forwarder to have their first contact with your company, but it’s also a space dedicated exclusively to your forwarder in which you can add as much information as you feel is necessary and customize it as you wish.

Besides your site, potential partners can also find your forwarder’s profile within the logistics network you are part of. This is why it is so important to have a complete profile. For example, on Parnity – the digital logistics network, freight forwarders can not only add to their profile the essential information and description of their company but also list all the branches they have (at no additional cost).

Remember that your company profile and website are how you can be found by other agents looking for a new freight partner. The more complete they are, the greater your chances of being found by other companies.

  1. Include Facebook and Linkedin groups in your marketing strategy

The use of social media can bring many benefits to your company. This is because, with so many people online, you will certainly be able to reach an audience of forwarders interested in what you have to say and offer.

You can start by updating or creating (if you don’t already have one) your company’s profile on social media, such as Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram. This way, potential partners will know that your company is active and can contact you through these profiles.

After updating (or creating) your company’s social media profile, you can look for groups focused on logistics and freight forwarding to join. Participating in social media groups is a great opportunity to improve your networking, make new partnerships, and advertise your freight forwarder’s services.

Facebook and Linkedin groups, for example, are a great strategy for freight forwarding companies. In a group, you can, for example, share not only your forwarding company’s materials with a larger audience of forwarders around the world but also industry news and insights to start discussions and interact with other group members.

In those groups, you can also add quotation requests and even exchange some business by answering the requests of other agents that post their requests for quotations in the group – this is a good opportunity to close new partnerships!

Here is a Linkedin group and a Facebook group that you can join if you are interested.

  1. Use Parnity’s Business Hub

Parnity is a digital logistics network with over 150 members in over 75 countries. 

By becoming a member of Parnity’s network, freight forwarders have access to a technology system where all members add their shipments on a daily basis to get quotations in up to 48 hours. Forwarders can add their requests to receive quotations, and find businesses that other forwarders added to handle on their lane.  

The Business Hub is Parnity’s marketplace developed for freight forwarders from all over the world to exchange business where you define your business requests only ONCE and receive quotes from all interested forwarders at the target location. 

Furthermore, with Business Hub, you also have access to all the forwarding requests involving YOUR location so that you can choose the ones that interest you and send your quotes.

This is an EXCLUSIVE solution that Parnity has developed to further revolutionize the way freight forwarders around the world connect. Because it allows you to post your quote requests in an easy way that takes no more than 30 seconds and to answer quotations from forwarders across the globe, making it easier and faster to build new partnerships.

Once you post them, the quote requests will be available to all Parnity freight forwarders that cover your target location and you will receive all the quotes in the system to compare them, use Parnity’s Chat to align details about the request in REAL-TIME, and choose the best forwarder to handle the shipment. Best of all, you get the first quote within 48h! Amazing, isn’t it?

In addition, with Parnity’s Business Hub, you can quote all the orders you are interested in and submit your quotes quickly and easily, keep up with the status and updates on your submitted quotes, and get feedback on all the deals you’ve won or lost. 

Check out the video below to learn more about how Business Hub works!

What are you waiting for? Now that you know how to get forwarder shipping deals, use the tips above and Parnity’s Business Hub to expand your business!