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Technology in Logistics: How it can help you find forwarders

Created on | Last updated on June 26, 2023 at 04:27 pm

When compared to other industries, the logistics and freight forwarding sector has embraced digital transformation more slowly. However, the new challenges caused by the coronavirus crisis and other major events have opened the eyes of freight forwarders to the role of technology in logistics.

The implementation of technological processes has been observed as one of the major logistics trends. In recent years, some logistics companies have used technology through artificial intelligence and automation, for example, to find new partners and improve their business.

New technology in logistics that you should know

The research done by the innovation intelligence company, StartUs Insights, revealed that some of the most promising technologies that are boosting innovation in logistics are AI, IoT, and Blockchain.

So let’s meet them…

Artificial Intelligence (AI): The Global AI Survey pointed out that adopting artificial intelligence in logistics can increase companies’ profits by up to 5-10% per year. This is certainly the reason why market leaders are increasing investments in AI technologies to save time and money in the future. The use of this technology in logistics, helps companies reduce manual labor, optimize costs and enable intelligent decision making.

Internet of Things (IoT): The Internet of Things is a big topic in the digital world. Basically, IoT will be responsible for connecting almost everything in logistics, from packaging to people, thus adding value to the supply chain. An IoT solution can provide critical information for logistics companies to increase overall supply chain efficiency.

Blockchain: Today, Blockchain technology is already used in several logistics chains around the world, creating reliable, transparent, and secure processes. This technology consists of having access to a distributed and decentralized database for registering information that cannot be modified. Through Blockchain, logistics companies are able to increase their efficiency, transparency, and traceability.

How can I use technology in my freight forwarder?

If you are not familiar with using technological processes in your freight forwarder or if you are just starting to apply them, the technologies mentioned above can be complex. That is why I suggest you start using more simple and intuitive technologies that will bring positive results just the same.

What I’m saying is that you don’t need to rack your brains and come up with miraculous plans to turn your freight forwarder into something hi-tech overnight. You can start with the basics to acquire expertise and then continue innovating your business.

Here are some easy ways to use technology in logistics:

  • Developing a good website

This is a simple way of how you can improve your freight partner’s experience and increase the chances of them closing a shipment with you.

  • Using digital sales channels

Extending your sales channels into the digital environment, through forwarder directories, digital logistics networks, and social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and WhatsApp for example is a great option to improve your company’s reach and increase the chances of expanding sales.

  • Freight forwarder partners management

A freight management system helps your company to make faster quotes and decisions. Having your freight forwarder partner gathered in one place will give you a better view of which ones you have been doing business with and which ones you intend to establish a new freight forwarder partnership with. Parnity has an excellent add-on feature for partnership management – Click here to know more about it.

  • Searching for new partners

There are many ways to find new freight partners. However, you can spend hours and hours searching on Google, freight forwarding directories, and logistics networks but still end up unsatisfied with the options you have gathered. Fortunately, this is a problem that Parnity can help you solve…

Finding new freight partners with Parnity

Parnity has combined technology with the freight forwarding industry to improve and optimize the daily routine of forwarding companies and, consequently, allow them to have more efficiency in their internal processes.

Parnity is a digital logistics network updated to today’s freight forwarding industry, that offers its members the benefit of finding new partners worldwide in 10 seconds, which is using 60% less time when compared to other logistics networks and forwarder directories. 

With help from the advance of technology in logistics, Parnity puts over 150 forwarders from more than 75 countries in the palm of your hand, so you can choose your next partner based on your own needs. Besides that, all the forwarders you meet on Parnity have gone through a transparent validation process to ensure that you only quote validated freight forwarders.

You can also filter searches by type of cargo, country, city, services, branch office, or headquarters to speed up your search for partners. And if you become interested in one, you can see their complete information in their profile – company description, logistics certification, photos, videos, services offered, branch offices, quotation contacts, and the documents the forwarder uploaded to be a Parnity member.

Last but not least, Parnity’s members can see who viewed their company profile, this means that they can see all other members who have accessed their profile and performed some action, such as copying a contact or sending a message for example. This optimizes the forwarder’s opportunity to close deals because it provides the information of a potential lead and in addition, it indicates which forwarders are looking for partners in your country.

Time to get tech

Through technology, you can increase the efficiency of your internal processes and thus improve your freight forwarder. Now that you understand the role of technology in logistics and know how to find new freight forwarders through it, it’s time to get down to business.

Pro tip: Remember to start with basic applications to gain knowledge and continue innovating your business through new freight forwarding technologies, okay?