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BR-X Cargo Logistica Internacional Ltda.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

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About Company

Founded on February 20, 2012, BRX Cargo has the proposal to work with innovative ideas that have been consolidated throughout our maturity, we understand that the success of a company depends on other factors that go beyond traditional market approaches such as experience, price, quality, marketing, etc. All of this is fundamental, however, behind every company, there is the human being. There is the employee who devotes a large part of his vital time to the company he works for, who has expectations, who sees BRX Cargo as the means for the realization of his personal goals, dreams and livelihood for his family. In the client there are also life projects that go beyond numbers, but that depend on them: there is a businessman, the owner of the business and his collaborators, who depend on the success of our work to succeed in their professional and personal projects. We also have our partners and suppliers, who give us confidence, credibility and resources to work, which we respect and recognize a lot because we understand that everyone involved in any job must earn fair for their dedicated time and efforts offered.

Head Office
  • +55 11 2092-5447
  • Rua Azevedo Soares, 1040 sala 11
  • Since 2012 - 10 Years Old


Those are the services we provide

  • Air Freight
  • Ocean Freight
  • Brokerage
  • Trucking
  • Projects
  • Integrated Logistics

Direct Contacts


Overseas Business Development


Mr. Fabio Ribeiro

Overseas Business Development


Mr. Arnaldo Spinelli

Managing Director


Mr. Bruno Peres

Overseas Business Development



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