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Find and manage your global agent’s network using technology as your best partner

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With MyNetwork, you can:

Organize your partners from all over the world


Prioritize the best partners by country


Organize in each country by the priority it makes more sense to your company (Modal, type of cargo, etc)

Manage your partners.

Build your own network

encrypted data

Only visible for your company

MyNetwork is a tool that allows you to gather all your partners in one single place.

These features will assure that your businesses are always being held by the right hands and all the information are there when you need it.

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Search for new partners was never this easy

And being found was never this fair.

Our A.I works on showing Parnity’s results ordered by the strongest profiles that match the search criteria. As once a really wise man said, if you are on top, you’ve earned!

Cargomen Logistics (India) Private Limited

Hyderabad, India

Dolphin Sea Air Services Corporation

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Crown Container Line Ltd.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Diamond Star Logistics Co., Ltd

Hanoi, Vietnam

How much does it costs?

Parnity is always going to be free to join.

Tools that we have today and will always be free:

Search Intelligence
Company profile
We dream big

We dream big

Therefore we'll keep improving Parnity with new solutions to solve all partnering touchpoints between forwarders and we'll charge for some of the new tools - but you will be able to choose if you want the paid tools, or to keep the FREE ones.

Customize your company profile

A profile that your company never had. You can customize your profile to make it strong enough to pass all the important info about your company. Show your expertise and highlight your differential as a partner.

Key Contacts

Share the right contacts to receive quotes and provide great partner experience

Trust Score

The profile shows how many companies had added you to their MyNetwork. That’s the community saying who are the most trustful partners.


You can upload videos, photos and customer feedback as a way to show you quality.


Add pictures of your offices and structure

What’s Parnity and Why is it free to join?

Parnity is a platform that has the purpose of providing the freight forwarding community: technology and innovation for every touchpoint in forwarder partnering.

Parnity does not own the information of the companies listed here, so why should we charge for it?

We believe that when the community unites, all people benefit together!

So, what does that mean?

We’re not

a logistics network a freight forwarders directory going to charge a membership fee to join Parnity, EVER