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Lisbon, Portugal

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About Company

The OT&T, S.A. is a freight transport company that offers global logistics solutions by sea, land and air and the most important thing is that´s a family-owned company.

The company was Founded in 1991, OT & T Cargo took its first steps in the world of logistics with maritime transport and the other aspects were gradually added over time.

Our main focus was the export market, which is an important vehicle for national revenue and growth. Meanwhile , we are more than proud to have contributed a large part of its resources and efforts in the development of what is the driving wheel for the development of any economy, exporting mainly resin to the countries of Northern Europe and Portuguese marble to the Middle East.

Secondly , with the successful of exporting structure, the company dedicated itself to the then complex import process by all modes of transport.

Today, the company is proud to have a notable market share, especially in imports from Asia to Portugal and Spanish Extremadura. The solid and sustained growth allowed the expansion of services for air cargo, first by subcontracting, and soon afterwards with IATA accreditation, which allows OT&T Cargo to be an authorized and autonomous agent in air transport, in addition to the growing fleet of its own trucks.

What most defines OT&T Cargo is that we are always “ON THE MOVE!” because we do believe that we must always be at the forefront of innovation, be it digital or technological.

Head Office
  • +351 937868981
  • Rua de Xabregas - Edifício 20 Piso 1 - Salas 107 / 108
  • Since 1991 - 31 Years Old 11-50 Employees


Direct Contacts

Ms. Evellyn Barreto




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