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AL-NAHRAIN For Transport & Marine Services

Amman, Jordan

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About Company

AlNahrain one of the leaders Companies for Transportation and Marine Services was founded in 1998 by Mr. Mohammed Ajlouni with its headquarters in Amman, Jordan to provide world-class transportation & logistics services for several clients at local, regional and global levels.
AlNahrain has several offices in the region covering viable countries including Jordan, Iraq and UAE. By having offices in Baghdad and Basra, brain has been able to build a sustainable competitive position in the Iraqi market, as we have been able to operate under different political circumstances without our capabilities to deliver being affected. This competitive edge has leveraged our capabilities to ensure success and achieve operational excellence.

Head Office
  • +962.6.5519490
  • Jaffa Commercial Center - Building # 4, 4th Floor, AlGardenz Street
Baghdad, Iraq
  • +964.780.602.9567 (Cap. Sami), +962.7.9631.11
Basra, Iraq
  • +964 7809269688
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • 00971557337662


Those are the services we provide

  • Air Freight
  • Ocean Freight
  • LCL Services
  • Brokerage
  • Trucking
  • Projects
  • Warehousing
  • Integrated Logistics
  • Pharma

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