Take control of your partnerships.

Parnity is a platform that has the purpose of providing the freight forwarding community: technology and innovation for every touchpoint in forwarder partnering.

We came to provide the market the modernization that every freight forwarded needed in partnership management but haven’t found until now.

Free information

Parnity does not own the information of the companies listed here, so why should we charge for it? All the company’s information is free to access and managed by its real owners.

Fair search results

Our A.I works on showing Parnity’s results ordered by the strongest profiles that match the search criteria.


A tool that allows you to gather all your partners in one single place and manage it in a way you never experienced before.

Piece of Mind

Share your MyNetwork with your team on the view mode so they can always have access to the right partners to work with and register all history in one single tool.