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Chattogram, Bangladesh

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About Company

ANGEL SHIPPING LIMITED (ASL) previously known as M/s. Oceanic Shipping and Carrier's (established in April 11, 1980) was incorporated in the new name as M/s. ANGEL SHIPPING LTD. on November 09, 1993 and is engaged as International Freight Forwarder (Sea & Air), Customs Brokerage, Inland-Transportation, Handling and other related Logistic Services for cargoes from Chittagong Port, Chittagong Airport, Mongla Port, Benapole Inland Port, Inland Container Deport (Kamalapur ICD), Pangaon River Port, Hazrat Shah Jalal Interational Airport(Dhaka) to Home and abroad. ASL has own C&F License for Chittagong Customs House, Chittagong Airport, Dhaka Airport Customs House, ICD Kamalapur Customs House, Pangaon Cusoms House, DEPZ Customs Station, Mongla Customs House & Benaploe Customs House. ASL has also own Freight Forwarding License for Chittagong & Dhaka Customs House.

2. ASL is a Individual member of International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association (FIATA), International Register of Forwarding Agents, Zurich, Switzerland and Bangladesh Freight Forwarder Association (BAFFA) And Federation of Bangladesh Customs Clearing and Forwarding Agents Association.

3. ASL's has been working for both local and overseas networks through its agents situated worldwide and provide DOOR TO DOOR SERVICES, Communications, Operational support and all other Project Logistic-Services.

4. ASL also provides Technical / Logistics Services i.e. obtaining necessary Government Permission from Concerned Ministries, National Board of Revenue (NBR), Bangladesh Bank and Chief Controller of Import & Export (CCI&E) on behalf of its Clients.

5. ASL's scope of activities are wide and varied viz, Pick-up and delivery from Shipper's door to Consignee’s door, Freight Forwarder, obtain necessary Govt. permission on behalf of Shipper / Consignee, supervise discharge of cargo from ex-vessel to port, arrange and execute customs procedures, Inland-transportation from port to its final destination. During transportation ASL takes all necessary measure for safe, smooth, secured transportation, efficient handling and storing of consignments up to its final discharge.

6. ASL's has sufficient warehouse facilities at Dhaka, Chittagong and Khulna.

7. ASL has highly experienced and efficient technical personnel to shoulder responsibilities to ensure safe, prompt, efficient and on time services.

1. Shipper / Consignee will provide pre-advice to Angel Shipping Ltd. (ASL) regarding vessel name, Expected Time of Departure (ETD) from loading port with Bill of Landing.

2. ASL pre-alerts the consignee about Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) of vessel and consignee provides complete set of shipping documents to ASL for completion of customs procedures / clearance and transportation.

3. ASL complete all customs procedures and intimate the consignee about Customs Duties, Vat & Taxes (CDVAT) amount, Port charge, Shipping Agents charges, Freight Forwarder charges (if any) and arrange necessary Pickup, Truck, Covered Van / Lowbed, Truck Lowbed, Highbed Trailer / Railway wagon / Inland-vessel for transportation. If Consignee usually gets any Government SRO benefits, accordingly ASL prepare required draft documents like Prottyapatra, Certificates, Undertaking, Bonds, Bank Guarantee, Shipping Indemnity and submit to respective Consignee for finalize the same for Customs submission. Other documents for on-chassis and over side delivery all relevant documents are also prepared by ASL in advance.

4. Payment of CDVAT & Taxes, Port charges, Shipping Agent charges, Freight Forwarder charges (if any) to the concerned authorities.

5. Obtaining NOC from Freight Forwarder and Delivery Order from local Shipping Agents and submit it with delivery Indent to Port Authority.

6. Loading onto Pickup, Truck, Covered Van / Lowbed, Truck Lowbed, Highbed Trailer / Railway wagon / Inland-vessel for local transportation from port to project site with proper tie-up, lashing, escort for safety of the cargo, delivery to consignee's door, unpacking & Storing.

7. ASL always prefers obtaining Insurance Policy covering all risk as door-to-door basis by shipper / consignee (Shipper’s door to Consignee’s door).

8. ASL on hearing from shipper/consignee about the importable / exportable materials with size, weight and ultimate destination, we assume Customs Assessment Procedure, handling procedure for Customs Examination & delivery as well as suitable mode/way type & numbers of local transportation of the cargoes from loading/unloading points to final destination and offer most competitive rates.

Head Office
  • 88-031-724420, 2529194, 724420, Mobile# 01711
  • Since 1993 - 29 Years Old 11-50 Employees
Benapole, Bangladesh
  • 88-01711-799297, 01711423754, 01736-309558
Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • 880–2–48318401, 48319138, 58312175, 48322859
Khulna, Bangladesh
  • 88-01711-799297, 01711423754, 01736-309558


Those are the services we provide

  • Air Freight
  • Ocean Freight
  • LCL Services
  • Brokerage
  • Trucking
  • Projects
  • Warehousing
  • Integrated Logistics
  • Rail Freight

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