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Atlas Ocean Ltd.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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About Company

Atlas Ocean Co. Ltd has been here for around 40 years. Four decades of excellence have made us what we are today, a true pioneer in the shipping industry. From humble beginnings in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to a network that expands to the four corners of the world, Atlas Ocean Co. Ltd is here to best serve your needs and take your business goals forward.

We offer the fastest and most efficient solutions to your most demanding logistical needs. Whether you are a manufacturer, a distributor, or simply managing a short-term project, we will move what you want, however, you wish, and to wherever you need.

Our business relies on our highly skilled staff equipped with the latest technologies to supply you with the complete package: from establishing contact with overseas suppliers to delivering the cargo to your chosen destination, the entire operation is meticulously managed to ensure your satisfaction, which is our first and foremost priority. The sheer size of our storage facility allows us to handle all types of shipments and containers, including oversized cargos that require particular conditions for transportation and clearance.
As a local company our services are built around your needs. Our highly skilled staff are available around-the-clock to satisfy your objectives as our work methods rely on aligning our services with your business demands.

Head Office
  • +966126503558
  • Building No. 6866 As Sahl Al Akhdar Street, Ar Ruwais District Jeddah 3700-23213, kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Since 1982 - 40 Years Old 101-200 Employees


Those are the services we provide

  • Air Freight
  • Ocean Freight
  • LCL Services
  • Brokerage
  • Trucking
  • Time Critical
  • Projects

Direct Contacts

Mr. Giorgio Abi Saab

Director of Contracts and Bidding Development


Mr. George Vargheese

Operation Manager


Mr. Mohammed Salik

Import Freight Coordinator


Mr. Peter Abi Saab

General Manager


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