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Global Link Marine Logistic Co., LTD.

Sana’a, Yemen

About Company

Global Link Marine Logistic Co. LTD is a Yemeni company working in the field of Shipping,
logistic services

Our headquarters in Sana'a Yemen, Branches in Aden & Hodeidah & Hadhramot & Shehn & Wadeeah, our sister company MAYYUN SHIPPING Co., headquarters at JORDAN, OMAN, TURKEY ,EGYPT, CANADA, Yemen, UAE.
We also take pride in our professionalism and speedy execution of assignments. Our dynamic style of working and association formed with shipping lines and freight forwarding companies of the world helps us to extend our reach to every corner of the globe,

We has a highly experienced and professional team offers full range of logistics, solutions, that plans, implements and control the efficient, effective forward and storage of goods and services between the point of origin and the point of consumption
To make the best decisions provide you the options possible in order to meet your requirements
Will enable you to remain focused on your core.

Is to become a vital link in your business success and add value to your bottom line and control throughout your supply chain, And to reduce the burden(high logistics cost) on the shoulders of the citizen.

Regular developing our processes to deliver a best level of services to meet our customers requirement

•We have branches in all Yemeni ports++
•We provide the lowest and competitive offers+ more free period days
•Our drive to change and improve the trucking industry
•Our dedicated team who have high logistic and shipping experience
•Our commitment to the regulations and tariffs
•We provides the peace of mind that ship owners’ interests are well protected.
With over thirty years of experience in the field, AlHussaini has the track record of reliability to protect ship & containers owners
•Our strong clients base built in trust since thirty two years,

Our services:
•Through years of forging strong collaborations and professional experience, we offers customers a wide range of services at competitive rates. From the leading shipping lines and traditional freight forwarding and logistics to customized supply chain solutions, we provide the right expertise to create the added value our customers need.
1.Shipping agency
2.Stevedoring Services, Handling (Containers, Bulk ,RORO)
3.Logistic Services
4.Freight Forwarder (FCL )
5.Warehousing Courier/Distribution
8.Export development department.

Head Office
  • +967777511119
  • Beirut Street
  • Since 2017 - 6 Years Old 11-50 Employees
ADEN, Yemen
  • +967777511153
Hadramout, Yemen
  • +967777511152
Hodeidah, Yemen
  • +967777511158


Those are the services we provide

  • Ocean Freight
  • LCL Services
  • Brokerage
  • Trucking
  • Perishables
  • Relocations
  • Warehousing
  • Pharma

We also provide

  • 1 Customs broker
  • 2 Clearance Customs

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