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Minsk, Belarus

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About Company


JENTY is an international logistics operator that delivers goods by road with its own truck fleet. For more than 20 years, JENTY has been offering high standards of logistics services to partners from Western Europe, Russia, Central Asia, China and Mongolia.

More than 25, 000 international cargo shipments are carried out annually:

- transportation of oversized cargo;
- transportation of goods with temperature control (frigo transportation);
- transportation of groupage and standard cargoes;
- project and contract logistics.

The truck fleet of JENTY transport company has more than 600 trucks. This allows you to attract the required number of trucks to optimize logistics costs for any type of cargo:

- 100 m3 megatrailers for compact placement of cargo in several tiers;
- long trailers 110 m3. (16.3 m) for the transportation of goods with a volume of 40 euro pallets and oversized cargoes;
- specialized semi-trailers for oversized cargo;
- refrigerated trailers for the delivery of temperature-controlled cargo;
- standard trailers 90 m3.

For the past 3 years, JENTY has implemented more than 200 international logistics projects for various industries. The license of a customs carrier and a customs representative opens up the possibility for transit of high-value goods without customs escort. High standards of the company's work are confirmed by international certificates GDP, TAPA, ISO, SQAS.


Head Office
  • +375 17 284-00-63
  • Kreis des Dorfes Kalinino, Büro 73
  • Since 1996 - 26 Years Old 1001-5000 Employees


Those are the services we provide

  • LCL Services
  • Trucking
  • Time Critical
  • Dangerous Good
  • Projects
  • E-commerce

We also provide

  • 1 China - Europe express delivery by trucks
  • 2 China - Europe LTL-LCL-FTL services by trucks


Quotation Contacts

LTL(LCL) / FTL road (truck) deliviries from China to Europe

Direct Contacts

Alexandra Demchuk

Key Account Manager CN-EU / EU-CIS

Mr. Igor Shchemelev

Transport Manager


Ms. Natalya Rudnitskaya

Sales manager


Ms. Katsiaryna Seradziuk

Key Account Manager


Tanya Katkavets

Key Account Manager

Mr. Konstantin Baranau

Head of marketing and sales department



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