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Tianjin Anhai Logistics Development Co., Ltd.

Tianjin, China

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About Company

Our company "Tianjin Anhai Logistics Development Co., Ltd." was formally approved and established by the Ministry of Communications, and its qualification is a non-vessel shipping carrier (abbreviation: NVOCC). In order to adapt to the increasingly fierce market environment, our company has applied for and registered the establishment of "Tianjin Anhai International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd." in the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. The two companies are used in parallel. The company is mainly engaged in international and domestic import and export business.

Our company is a more qualified and professional agency company. So far, the company has established agency and cooperative relations with shipowners such as COSCO, EMK, YML, TSL, EMI, HPL, ONE, OOCL, CMA, MSC.The container source and container type undertake global prices and high-quality sea and air transportation and air transportation in the United States, so that the business can benefit from the services of customers in our company.

Head Office
  • +86.18222043587
  • Room 1105, Bldg C, City Center Xikang Road, Heping District
  • Since 1998 - 24 Years Old 101-200 Employees
Shanghai, China
  • +86.18222043587


Those are the services we provide

  • Air Freight
  • Ocean Freight
  • Trucking
  • Warehousing
  • Integrated Logistics


Quotation Contacts

+86 18222043587
+86 18222043587
+86 18222043587

Direct Contacts

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