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United For Freight Services UFS

Cairo, Egypt

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About Company

We are a new freight forwarder , we start our business latest of 2018, with personal experience in the field expended for more than 15 years, and we are planning to grow our business in coming few months to expand the base of our clients, and get more projects in Egyptian Market.

United For Freight Services UFS
United Freight Service Company is a specialized company in the field of international freight and logistics services and in a short period of time has been able to achieve a paradigm shift in the provision of integrated logistics services and supplies through a trained and distinguished team as well as the use of new and sophisticated methods in providing and buying customer requirements and the needs of factories and lines Production and spare parts through our offices in Europe, Asia and America making us the only shipping company in the Egyptian market that provides integrated supply chain services from the moment of negotiation with suppliers and the completion of the purchase and shipping door to door.
Services provides by UFS :
1) Air freight services
2) UFS is a specialized company in the field of air cargo of both types of inbound and outbound, as we have a distinct agent network covering all over the world in addition to a trained team in Egypt to deal with all normal and dangerous shipments ,also shipments with anomalous sizes and weights ,plus expert team to handle exhibitions shipments which , implemented through direct or indirect flight services , to achieve all our clients requirements.

3) Sea freight services
UFS company is a specialized company in the field of shipping where the company provides all marine services and transport of goods exported and imported between all seaports around the world through our network of agents in Europe, Asia and America and a distinguished team trained inside Egypt to achieve the objectives and requirements of the client easily and at a reasonable cost.
Services provided by the company:
1) Shipping of goods collected by LCL system.
2) Shipping of normal and dangerous goods inside all kinds of containers.
3) Shipping packages with dimensions and anomalous sizes.
4) Leasing of ships "Break bulk - general cargo - and RORO “.

4) Customs clearance
5) Our professional customs clearance team at the highest level of efficiency and skill in the completion of all customs procedures for inbound and outbound shipments under different customs regulations and easy release of goods in all seaports, air and dry ports inside Egypt.

5)Land transportation
Land transport
Land transport is one of the most important logistics services that cause some problems for customers in the Egyptian markets.
We are at UFS, through our experience in the field of road transport, provide a distinctive fleet of all kinds of transportation and provide an integrated logistics solutions at all stages of the shipment until it reaches the customer's warehouses in a timely and safe manner.

6) Others services we can provide:
*Packing & packaging
*Organizing exhibition
*Ship personal effects

Plus, we also have our sister company Blacksburg Global Trading It is 100% United States investment company , On 2008, Blacksburg Global Trading started as industrial Maintenance, repair, and Operating Supplies (MRO) One Stop Shop help business , they have many partners’ worldwide companies in (Germany , Canada , UK , France and others) and we are the Egyptian Representative , they work in products (Specially products not available in Egyptian market and which don’t have an exclusive agent ) in the following Fields:

- Electrical Power, Control and Measuring devices Field .
- Mechanical Field .
- Hydraulic Field.
- Pneumatic Field .
- Safety Field .
- Tools and Consumables Field.

Head Office
  • 00201102003207
  • 19 Hosny Mubarak ST, Sheraton Building , Heliopolis , Cairo , Egypt
ALEX, Egypt
  • 00201102003207


Those are the services we provide

  • Air Freight
  • Ocean Freight
  • LCL Services
  • Brokerage
  • Trucking
  • Time Critical
  • Perishables
  • Dangerous Good
  • Projects
  • Relocations
  • Warehousing
  • Live Animals

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