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Parnity is now part of the ODX Flexport incubator program

Created on | Last updated on July 11, 2023 at 06:27 pm

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You read that right! Parnity is now part of the ODX Flexport incubator program – the program was built to escalate logistics startups that focus their efforts to improve the logistics industry with technology.

Flexport is the platform for global logistics. Companies of all sizes—from emerging brands to Fortune 500s—used Flexport technology to move nearly $19B of merchandise across 112 countries in 2021. The program is a joint initiative between Flexport and On Deck.

The ODX Flexport program is supporting Parnity with a $125,000 investment, full and unlimited access to its network of professionals and experts. Not to mention the On Deck ecosystem where Parnity will have access to their communities, marketplace, and programming. 

With the program’s support, Parnity’s major goal of enhancing the forwarding partnership experience will be achieved with excellence. Our team is already working closely with ODX Flexport support to map out the next steps in this journey, to become the biggest business hub exchange between freight forwarders in the world. 

On Deck and Flexport’s assistance is a landmark in Parnity’s history and aims to make the forwarding partnership process faster, better, easier, and more practical for freight forwarders around the world. 

Parnity’s CEO Guilherme Luz commented on the difference that the ODX Flexport program is already making in our progress as a startup and as a disruptive product for freight forwarders worldwide. 

“The challenge is complex, which is the reason why having the support of the world’s largest logistics startup is so important. The mentoring we are already receiving from Flexport’s team is making all the difference in our product. We are happy to have such a disruptive company at our side in order to help us transform the freight forwarding market.”