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Global network coverage: how it can help you improve your freight process

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In the last few years, the main challenge for forwarders has been to access more freight partners. In this regard, global network coverage gives freight forwarders the power to compete with the big brokers.

Freight forwarders are some of the key logistics specialist providers in any supply chain – whether domestic, regional, or global. Operating a logistics business and growing a company begins with engaging with new partners and establishing meaningful connections with them.

Why is it important to have global freight partners?

Having partners around the world is extremely important for freight forwarders, as it enables them to offer international transportation solutions more efficiently and reliably. With partners in different regions, freight forwarders can ensure that shipments arrive at their destinations safely and on time, regardless of the cultural, legal, or logistical differences faced in each country.

In addition, a global network of partners also gives freight forwarders the flexibility to react quickly to challenges and changes in the market, ensuring their customers’ satisfaction and maintaining their competitive position. 

Having partners around the world is essential to the success and expansion of any freight forwarder, enabling them to provide high-quality transportation solutions to their customers worldwide.

Here, logistics networks are a key focus for freight forwarders. This is because they can offer small and medium-sized forwarders this coverage, allowing them to have a global reach. This is the predominant and instant benefit of joining a network. 

Global network coverage is essential in today’s shipping industry. Every shipment is important, so you need a good network of agents around the world to help monitor every international shipment. 

The network promotes the logistics industry, with it, freight forwarders can better present themselves to other companies and develop more convenient and efficient communication with customers.

Global network coverage and freight processes

A freight forwarder’s processes are what drive the results of your business goals and ensure that your company remains competitive.

Of course, each forwarder has unique internal processes that align with its own goals and needs. However, thinking about the current challenges faced by freight forwarders, we can point to the difficulty in finding a qualified freight partner to work with as an opportunity for improvement and optimization for the vast majority of agents.

Becoming a member of a freight forwarder network is a foolproof way to expand your logistics business. As an independent freight forwarder, you need to find new partners around the world to provide truly global services. 

A good quality network will help you understand your partner much better, and this will certainly increase trust and save you a lot of communication time, which will help you win business.

Parnity, for example, is a logistics network that meets the needs of today’s freight-forwarding industry. With a base of more than 150 members in 75 countries, Parnity offers forwarders business opportunities worldwide, enabling them to improve their business processes and close new shipments faster.

In addition, Parnity aims to solve the challenges faced by the forwarding industry by offering advanced technology and a transparent validation process. To ensure the efficiency of forwarders, we offer exclusive benefits to our members to improve and optimize their daily lives. 

Unlike traditional logistics networks, Parnity has no limit of companies per country, which means that any freight forwarder can join our platform and take advantage of the business opportunities we offer. 

With extensive global coverage, companies that become members of Parnity, also have the opportunity to appear as the first company listed in their country. This can generate a lot of business and help improve the quality of results for freight forwarders looking for partners in their region. 

Parnity also offers an exclusive solution that allows forwarders to have all their partners in one place, and organize them on a board by country, city, modal, service, or whatever makes sense. 

MyPartners allows you to view all your freight partners in one place in any way you like, either in a single list or divided by countries. In addition, you can share your CRM chart with your whole team, so everyone is aligned on who to quote for each business operation.

Parnity’s freight management system – MyPartners*, is a new solution in the logistics market that allows you to manage your freight partners in the most intuitive and effective way.

*The management tool for freight forwarders can be purchased for an additional fee of $576/year.

Join Parnity’s community of freight forwarders!

With partners around the world, logistics companies can offer high-quality international transportation solutions, regardless of the cultural, legal, or logistical differences faced in each country.

The global network coverage allows logistics companies to react quickly to challenges and changes in the market while remaining competitive and increasing customer satisfaction. Investing in a global network is essential to the success and expansion of any logistics company, allowing them to meet market demands and grow on a global scale.

Parnity’s global coverage allows forwarders to increase their business through shipments and quotes from Parnity’s 150+ forwarder members. Not to mention, Parnity members have access to all of these benefits for the best membership price in the industry. Click here and expand your freight forwarding business through Parnity, the digital logistics network.