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How Parnity’s business hub can help you get more shipments

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Despite the size or global reach of a freight forwarding company, many other factors can contribute to getting more shipments from customers. Besides, knowing that competition in the freight forwarding business has never been higher, forwarders need to look for efficient ways to increase their sales and stand out from other companies.

Do you think the way your freight forwarder gets new shipping opportunities and exchanges business currently is the most efficient?

The traditional way is the best option for your freight forwarder?

Getting more shipments is certainly among the main goals of all freight forwarding companies. At some point during the elaboration of their sales strategy, freight forwarders look for ways to increase their shipments made and their business generation.

However, as the freight forwarding and logistics market still operate following a very traditional business plan, eventually you can be caught by surprise by the way you are used to operating, leaving you stuck in the same place.

This means that searching for forwarding companies to handle your shipments on Google or in international forwarder directories and contacting them through email may have been a good strategy to get more shipments in the beginning, but as time goes by it has become more and more outdated.

First, because the process of searching for partners can be time-consuming since, besides understanding, if they will align with your business needs, you also need to analyze if that agent is qualified for the service or not.

Then, because being a common business communication tool, e-mail is used for almost everything within a company, from internal communication with employees, invitations to meetings, distribution of documents, and even birthday greetings.

Therefore, using e-mail as the sole and primary means of communicating with your potential partners to negotiate a shipment may not be the most efficient option. For forwarding companies, email overload is a special concern, because effective and fast communication with your partners can be directly related to your company’s revenue and business generation. 

If you are still holding on to traditional business models in freight forwarding, I don’t want to panic you, but it’s time to adjust your approach so you don’t get left behind…

A new way to make requests and receive quotes

Parnity is always optimizing the resources it offers to allow the members of its community to close more deals and get more partnership opportunities. Every day new business opportunities are posted on Parnity’s platform and members from specific locations are contacted.

Through Parnity’s newest release for business exchange – the Business Hub – you set your quote requests just ONCE and receive quotes from all interested freight forwarders at the target location.

By becoming a member of the Parnity community, forwarders have access to a technology system where all members add their shipments daily to get quotes within 48 hours. In addition, forwarders can add their requests to receive quotes and find businesses that other forwarders have added to handle in their lane.

With Business Hub, you also have access to all forwarding requests involving YOUR location so you can choose the ones that interest you and send your quotes.

Developed EXCLUSIVELY by Parnity, Business Hub, allows you to post your quote requests easily, in no more than 30 seconds, and respond to quotes from forwarders worldwide, making it easier and faster to build new partnerships.

After you post them, the quote requests will be available to all Parnity freight forwarders that cover your target location and you will receive all quotes in the system to compare them against. Once you have chosen the best quotation for your request, contact that forwarder through the chat and arrange the last details.

You can quickly and easily quote all orders you are interested in and submit your quotes, keep up with their status and updates, and get feedback on all offers you have won or lost. 

Business Hub is an EXCLUSIVE solution that Parnity has developed to revolutionize even more the way freight forwarders around the world connect. Check out the video below to learn more about how Business Hub works!

And to make the process even faster and more efficient, you can use Parnity’s Chat to align details about the request in REAL TIME and choose the best forwarder to handle the shipment. 

Parnity’s Chat is designed to speed up the partnership process for freight forwarders, allowing faster communication, and also making your e-mail inbox less clogged.

Join Parnity in the future of freight forwarding!

Parnity’s Business Hub and Chat are just a few of the features we have developed to revolutionize the connection between freight forwarders worldwide!

Now that you’ve seen that there is a more efficient way to find new shipping opportunities and exchange business, what are you waiting for? Join us and get more shipments with Parnity – the biggest worldwide forwarders community.