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How can a freight forwarder close more shipments?

Created on | Last updated on October 11, 2022 at 05:45 pm

Who doesn’t love the holiday season? A time to gather family and friends, a chance to relax, to exchange gifts, lots of offers and discounts for doing the holidays shopping… and lots of business opportunities for freight forwarders! But how can a freight forwarder close more shipping?

Peak season happens every year, and if you work in the forwarding industry, you need to be prepared. From August to December, while many businesses start preparing for the end-of-year festivities, freight forwarders are busier than ever, year after year.

Here comes Santa… 

Customers love special offers, and if there’s one perfect time of year when they usually make the most of discounts, it’s certainly the end of the year!

Every year, consumers all over the world look forward to the end-of-year shopping season. From Black Friday to Cyber Monday to Christmas, the calendar at this time of year is packed with opportunities.

Of course, we cannot forget the good old Santa Claus. Every year Christmas shopping stimulates an increase in consumer demand and, consequently, in shipments. This means, in turn, another peak period for logistics and freight forwarders.

To deal with this peak demand, which can be overwhelming at this time of year, freight forwarders need to be prepared to ensure that both their business and their customers receive the same quality service levels, as at any other time of the year.

How can a freight forwarder quote fast and gain more sales?

If you want to know how can a freight forwarder close more shipping and keep your forwarding business running smoothly, with efficient processes and a satisfactory amount of sales throughout the year, you need to understand that times of peak demand require more agility during the quoting process.

However, it may not be a good idea to apply changes to your processes only at the end of the year. This is because new sales strategies and improvements take time to develop and apply.

Therefore, it’s ideal to plan ahead. Collect data and other relevant sales information from your forwarder, especially during the peak season, and analyze it thoroughly to understand how your freight business behaves during this time of year.

This will enable you to build a strategy for your freight forwarder that will help you quote faster and gain more sales, especially during times when the demand for service is highest. 

However, if you want a card up your sleeve to quote faster and have the opportunity to gain more sales all year round, including during peak season, you can always use Parnity’s Business Hub.

The Business Hub is a space for you to check out new business opportunities, and submit your quotes, while adding your requests for quotes.

Designed especially to facilitate and speed up the quoting process for freight forwarders, the Business Hub allows you to add your orders to our community and receive quotes in an average of 6 hours. In addition, one of the many other advantages this tool offers is the ability to view all the quotes you have made within Parnity in a visual and easy way.

No more getting lost in the thousands of emails you exchange daily!

Developed EXCLUSIVELY by Parnity, the Business Hub, allows you to post your quote requests easily, in no more than 30 seconds, and respond to quotes from forwarders worldwide, making it easier and faster to build new partnerships.

After you post them, the quote requests will be available to all Parnity freight forwarders that cover your target location and you will receive all quotes in the system to compare them. Once you have chosen the best quote for your request, you can contact that forwarder through an online chat and arrange the final details.

You can quickly and easily quote all orders you are interested in and submit your quotes, track their status and updates, and get feedback on all offers you have won or lost.

Enjoy the peak season to close more deals!

The end of the year is a season that requires a lot of organization and efficiency in logistical processes, so when building your freight forwarder’s sales strategy remember to consider this increase in demand to avoid being caught by surprise.

And now that you know how can a freight forwarder close more shipping, don’t forget that if you want to quote faster and have the opportunity to gain more sales during the whole year, you can start using Parnity’s Business Hub right now!