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How to contact forwarders inside Parnity

Created on | Last updated on June 26, 2023 at 04:44 pm

In any business, regardless of the sector, it is in, effective communication with customers and partners represents a crucial factor for the company’s success. However, it’s not only what you say that is at the core of your communications, the speed with which information and messages are delivered also plays a very important role. But working in the forwarding industry, how to contact forwarders in a faster way?

Undoubtedly, the content of a message is an important component of your communication with other freight forwarders you are interested in working with. However, even if you compose a perfectly clear and objective message, if it arrives too late or gets lost in your freight partner’s mailbox, its content won’t make any difference.

6 reasons why faster communication is fundamental

The logistics and freight forwarding industry are fast-paced, so if you work in this industry, you already know how trends come and go. To a certain degree, doing business properly has always been about having the ability to respond quickly to the changes in market trends and demands to stay competitive.

Today, however, this exponential acceleration of business is rapidly and disproportionately transforming the way companies communicate. In this sense, knowing how to contact forwarders and respond to new opportunities immediately is vital for forwarding companies.

One tip for operating at the speed of business today is to have faster communications – between business partners and customers. Furthermore, faster communication can also:

  1. Improve customer satisfaction and retention;
  2. Increase employee productivity;
  3. Generate more business opportunities;
  4. Optimize sales processes;
  5. Increase the company’s revenue;
  6. Eliminate overloaded email boxes;

To meet the growing demand, various technologies and features are being developed to support improved, easier, and faster communications.

How Parnity’s chat can improve your partnership process

Parnity is a digital logistics network that was developed to facilitate and improve the connection between freight forwarders around the world. Our main goal is not only to help freight forwarders make new partnerships and increase their business generation but also to make the logistics and forwarding industry more efficient through technology.

Our latest feature was released with this in mind…

Currently, most of the communication exchanged between freight forwarders is done through email. However, being a common business communication tool, e-mail is used for almost everything within a company, from internal communication with employees, meeting invitations, document distribution, and even birthday greetings.

Can you identify the problem with this? For forwarding companies, email overload is a particular concern, because effective and fast communication with your partners can be directly related to your company’s revenue and business generation. Parnity’s Chat was developed to accelerate the partnership process for freight forwarders and enable them to have faster communication. Thus, after finding a freight forwarder that you are interested in partnering with, you can start a conversation immediately and send a request for a quote in REAL-TIME.

This means that you can talk to over 150 freight forwarders from more than 75 countries and start developing a partnership immediately, making not only the overall process much faster but also your email inbox less cluttered.

To sum up, using Parnity’s Chat, our members can contact, in REAL-TIME, freight forwarders from all over the world to exchange shipments. To learn more about Parnity’s membership and its benefits – click here.

Found a freight forwarder? Send them a chat!

The greatest forwarder community now allows you to talk to other freight forwarders and send requests for quotes in real-time! 

Now that you know how to contact forwarders on Parnity, begin your search for the country or city that you need to find a new freight partner in, check the forwarders online at that moment, and start a conversation immediately.

Fasten your partnership process with Parnity’s help! Join us and start improving your forwarding business.