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How to manage your forwarder partners with Parnity

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One of the most challenging tasks within a forwarding company is keeping track of all the freight forwarding partnerships. That’s why forwarders are increasingly looking for freight management software. If you want to know how to manage your forwarder partners with Parnity, keep reading because we are going to tell you everything you need to know about it.

It is safe to say that working with multiple touchpoints, just like freight forwarders do, brings along the need to maintain an efficient organizational process across all of them, especially when it comes to managing freight forwarder partnerships.

Fortunately, there are tools that can help you in this regard…

Benefits of managing your forwarder partners

First things first, a freight forwarder management system help forwarders centralize, optimize, and streamline communication within the company, along with quotation processes and decision making. It’s important to understand that the more consolidated the information you have about your partners is, the faster your team can work on it.

A freight forwarder management system can benefit forwarders on many levels. By using one, you will have more knowledge of your freight forwarding partnerships, because besides having all their information consolidated, you will also save time during the negotiation for closing a deal since you will have easy access to the information needed in the process.

Furthermore, by having all the important information from your forwarder partner consolidated in a freight management system, it will no longer be necessary to go back and forth among the many e-mails you exchanged, you will only need to confirm your partner’s details. 

Likewise, having knowledge of all the details of your freight forwarder partner also gives you the ability to understand what exactly that partner needs from you. In other words, you will be better able to anticipate the needs of that agent.

A freight management software also brings other benefits to your freight forwarding business, such as: 

  • help you save time when looking for your current forwarder partners in the many spreadsheets you have; 
  • give you better visibility of your partners and their information; 
  • speed up your decision-making process, after all, having all your partner’s information in a single place makes the decision a lot easier;
  • keep your team alignment, once you share your partner’s information with your whole team you give them the power to take the first steps;

Understanding the challenge that freight forwarders have in keeping track of all freight forwarding partnerships, Parnity has developed an add-on feature for managing forwarding partners – called MyPartners.

What is MyPartners and how can it help you?

MyPartners is a PRM tool that allows you to manage your forwarder partners in the most intuitive and enjoyable way. It is the perfect solution that forwarders need in order to stop using spreadsheets and start improving the management of their partnerships.

By using MyPartners forwarders have everything they need regarding their partnerships in just one place:

  • A complete list of all partners that they work with;
  • Information about each partnership separated;
  • Partners listed by country;
  • Ranking lists to organize partners by priority;
  • An overview of their global coverage;
  • And so much more – click here to know more about it.

Through MyPartners – Parnity’s freight management tool – you can manage all your freight partnerships in one place.

Now, without further delay, the moment you have been waiting for has arrived. It’s time to learn how to manage your forwarder partners with Parnity. Take a look at the following section…

How can I manage my forwarding partnerships with Parnity?

Now that you know what MyPartners is and how it can help you manage your own global partner network, it’s time to dig a little deeper and learn all you can do with it.

Add all your partners’ information: The first step to start using MyPartners is to add your partners’ information. You can do this in three ways: uploading a list of all your partners at once, adding partners in Parnity’s database, or adding one partner information at a time.

See your partners by country: Furthermore, after importing your partners, you can also view all of them in your own partner list, use the country filter to view them divided by country, or choose to view by partners in the country you are looking for if you want to see all the partners you have in that specific country. More than that, you can also have an overview of each partner and access all their information.

See each partnership overview: One of the biggest advantages of using MyPartners is having easy access to all the information you or someone from your team has registered about that freight partner, more details about his company and through Partnership Analytics, view all the partnership history. 

Remember that all information in MyPartners is restricted to your company’s users only.

Have your partners ranked by country and share it with your team: To make the most out of MyPartners, you can also rank your partners in a given country and thus make your quotation process more organized and efficient. MyRanking is the most innovative partnership management feature in MyPartners.

Through it, you can accelerate the process of assertive quotes made by your team, save time and avoid communication problems about which partner should be used for each quote. The general concept of this functionality is to give you the possibility to determine, for each country in the world, what are your criteria that define the selection of a qualified freight partner (modal/city/experience in a certain service or other).

Finally, once you have your MyRanking for one country or all countries ready – remember that each country has its own ranking – you should share it with the team responsible for partner quotes, to keep them always aligned.

By using a forwarders’ partnering tool your team will be making faster and better decisions with complete and visual information.

All these functions available in MyPartners were developed thinking about making your work routine faster and more dynamic.

Ready to start managing your partnerships with Parnity?

Managing partners has never been easier. Register all information about each partner in a simple and consolidated way and create a personal partner ranking per country based on your own criteria and share this information in a fully secure way only with your team.

Through MyPartners you can centralize, optimize and speed up the process of finding freight partners to make business with. 

Now that you know how to manage your forwarder partners with Parnity, don’t waste time! Leave the spreadsheets behind and start using Parnity’s freight forwarding partnering system to manage your partners in an intuitive and visual way, click here to schedule a demo and learn more about it.