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Logistics events: how to make the most out of it

Created on | Last updated on November 30, 2022 at 01:05 pm

Logistics events offer the perfect opportunity for freight forwarders to share insights and knowledge in a focused forum and learn about the challenges and trends the freight industry is facing. 

Through these events, you can also, for example, boost your logistics business and accelerate your sales, expand your network, discuss business, and have the chance to introduce your company to other agents.

As you can see, attending logistics events is a great way to stand out and promote your business. However, more than just attending a logistics event, you need to be prepared to make the most out of it. 

How to make the most of logistics events

If you work in the freight forwarding and logistics industry, you have surely heard of the events hosted by the industry’s companies. With the large number of events that take place annually, it is evident their importance and the great contribution they offer to the success of freight forwarders around the world.

But, contrary to popular belief, just attending the event, whether online or virtual, does not guarantee that your participation will be successful. After all, it is your actions during the event, and afterward, that will define the success of your participation…

Check out some actions that will help you to improve the opportunities when attending a logistics event:

  1. Select the right logistics events

As we mentioned, there are several logistics events, offering different activities and having different purposes. So first of all, to make the most of your opportunities, you should choose the right one to attend.

Start by thinking about your goals in attending the event and your freight company’s expectations, and then try to find the event that best fits your profile.

For example, if your company’s primary goal is to make new forwarder partnerships, expand your business opportunities, stay up-to-date on the logistics industry and also get lots of business tips from freight forwarders, it might be a good idea to attend the Forwarders Online Conference – powered by Parnity.

It is a 48-hour online event that brings many opportunities for forwarders around the world, including 1on1 meetings, lectures, theme groups, and networking rooms for you to meet new forwarders.

Unlike events held by other logistics networks, the Forwarders Online Conference is open to any forwarder who wants to participate. Click here to learn more!

  1. Get to know the other participants

Once you have chosen which event you will be attending, the next step is to find out which other companies will also be participating. 

Researching about the other attendees is essential so that you can learn more about each of them and define which ones you are most interested in becoming a partner with. You can easily find out which companies and professionals will be at the same conference as you on the internet, do your research, and gather all the important information about them before the event starts.

  1. Organize your agenda

Now that you know which event you want to attend and which companies will attend, it is time to plan your agenda.

Having your agenda set and organized will help you plan and figure out what you need to do or who you would like to meet on each occasion. In addition, an organized agenda can also make your participation more productive, as you will be ensuring that you are using your time efficiently and making the most of your networking opportunities.

So once you have access to the conference agenda, decide which events are important for you to attend according to your company’s priority objectives and which companies you would like to talk to.

  1. Prepare (and practice) your presentation

Even if you know your business like anyone else, practicing a bit before you present it to potential freight partners is never too much. 

Write down the most relevant topics about your company that you want people to know about and make sure you can talk about each of them clearly in a way that shows you have authority on the subject. This will help other participants see you as an expert in your field and better understand the message you want to get across.

Additionally, since you have already researched the other participants, you can adjust your presentation for each of the companies you are interested in partnering with. This is a good strategy to show your potential freight partner that your company has exactly what they are looking for.

  1. The work really begins when the event is over…

Just as any sales process needs effective follow-up, to increase the chances of generating business with a potential partner you met during the conference after the event is over make sure you also do the necessary follow-up.

Write down the main points of your conversation with those freight forwarders that interested you the most so that as soon as the event is over, you email them and follow up on what they started during the event. This will show them that you kept the conversation you had in mind and increase your chances of generating business from each other.

To further increase your chances of a response, make sure to include in the follow-up email, some action point that was discussed during your meeting with that partner instead of just sending your company’s presentation.

  1. First impressions count!

Last but not least, remember to make a good impression.

Be on time and have your presentation rehearsed so that others know that you are confident about what you are talking about and know a lot about the industry. Also make sure you know the right way to behave in each situation, paying attention to what you should say and especially how you speak to the other participants.

Always keep in mind your freight company’s goals when attending the event and the importance of aligning your participation with them, so that you can get the most out of the event and ensure that your participation will be successful.

Start putting these tips into practice by attending the Forwarders Online Conference!

Attending a freight forwarding conference is a very effective strategy to boost your forwarder business. 

The online conference organized by Parnity happened on September 14 and 15, 2022. It was the 3rd edition of the Forwarders Online Conference, which offered more opportunities for the freight forwarding community to make new partnerships and increase business generation!

The event happens for 48 non-stop hours, with lectures and panels about the forwarding industry and market trends, as well as 1on1 meetings where each participant can decide which time they will be available in their time zone.

The conference system was developed exclusively for online events and participants will be able to do everything on a single platform! At the Forwarders Online Conference, you can meet different freight forwarders to make new partnerships and expand your business.

It is the ideal place for you to introduce your company, meet other agents from all over the world, and promote your company in a much closer way. In addition, the conference provides attendees with the perfect environment for generating business. With an agenda full of activities, such as 1on1 meetings and workshops, the Forwarders Online Conference encourages everyone to fully immerse themselves in the forwarding business environment.

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the next edition of the Forwarders Online Conference! Guarantee your place and join us in the future of freight forwarding!