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The importance of bringing your teammates inside Parnity

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Parnity is a community designed for freight forwarder partnering. One of our major goals is to revolutionize the freight forwarding and logistics industry, mainly through the ways forwarders connect and interact with each other. With Parnity your work will be more productive and optimized…

However, for this to be possible, you need to know how to use our community in the best way. And one way to do this is by knowing who to bring into your Parnity account. That’s why we always emphasize that Parnity is all about collaboration. In our community, your team can (and should!) be involved in your partnering process.

Why should my teammates be on Parnity?

A common mistake that freight forwarders make is to implement a sales strategy that treats all contacts equally. You and I know, that not all people have the authority to make decisions on certain matters in a company, don’t we? 

Talking to the right person in a company is crucial in the sales process. Usually, when you are dealing with a shipping order, and you start your quoting process you look for the best contact to assist you in this business, right? And normally, we tend to look for contacts related to “the pricing” or “the sales” department, that we know are probably the best person to help on the matter. 

Bringing your teammates to Parnity is a way to save not only your time and resources, and fasten the quotation process, but also from the potential freight partner. By adding the right people to your Parnity profile you are ensuring that quote requests and other communications will reach the person responsible for handling them. This will consequently bring more efficiency to your quoting process.

But remember, it is very important that the people you choose are active on Parnity and pay attention to the emails, chats, and communication that may come from our community. So make sure you choose wisely who you are going to invite.

Who should I add to my Parnity profile?

As we mentioned previously, it is very important to bring the right people to your Parnity profile. Mainly because sales improvement is a constant battle to maximize time efficiency.

A common waste of time is meeting with people who don’t have the authority or resources to make the decision you need.

Therefore, we recommend that everyone on the team who has a direct relationship with global forwarder partners should be on Parnity, especially:

  • Managers 

The director of a freight forwarder company has to be aware of the tools that are being used in the company and how they can help their employees improve their work. They need to be able to understand the value that the platform has to their team members and how it will help the team manage their network in an assertive way. 

  • Trade Lane Developer 

The person designated for this task will be responsible for mapping and managing the partnerships with other freight forwarder companies and finding new partnerships. This job role could be named as a Network Coordinator, or even be a responsibility of the pricing team or management.

  • Pricing 

The team responsible for the operation of a freight forwarder quotation. This team needs to have all the partner’s information for considering a quotation.

Parnity is a platform made for everyone who needs to find good forwarder partners in a fast way and manage all their partners’ information in one place. It’s important that the whole team is on board with the benefits that the platform will provide and that they use it in the best way to make the partnership management smarter.

Are you ready to invite your team to your company profile on Parnity?

Now that you know which teammates should be on Parnity and why they should be. Don’t waste any time, log into your profile and invite a team member to your company’s Parnity account!

To help you with this, I’m going to briefly teach you how you can add the team members you want to your profile. It’s very simple, just follow along with me:

  1. On the upper right-hand side of your home page, click on your photo;
  2. Then click on “Manage Team”;
  3. Then “Invite a new teammate”;
  4. Fill in the fields with the person’s information;
  5. Choose the permission you want this person to have;
  6. Click on “Invite”;

Super easy, isn’t it? Remember you don’t have to work alone, bring your team to collaborate with you in Parnity!