Digital Logistics network

Parnity has a new way of looking to its logistics network model

Business Hub

Parnity's version of the quotation system.

Add your quotation request, and we will get a quotation for you in 48 hours. Or get into the hub, to find the business available to your country, so you can answer with your quotation, and get the business.

Partnerships made on a digital and fast way.

Transparent validation process

Our validation process is completely open and all forwarders can check the possible forwarder information and make their own decision when choosing a partner. The information we ask during our process is:

  • Website
  • Incorporation documents
  • Office pictures
  • Logistics market certifications
  • 3 positive feedback from forwarders that they have already had previous experience.

Once the company has gone through our validation screening, we add that information into the company profile. So anyone can check all forwarders

Real-time chat with forwarders

Talk and be contacted in REAL-TIME by forwarders worldwide that are looking for new partners to exchange shipments.

Modern system

Parnity has the most modern system of the logistics network market, this means that you can do everything inside the network spending less time. Find forwarders, check their background, be found to receive quotations and complete your profile using high tech that is continuously improving.

How do I get in?

Start for FREE

Find 1200+ forwarders to handle your shipments for FREE - No credit card required.

Start for free

Pass through our validation process

Add the information about your forwarder to be screened and validated by our team. Once you have gone through the process, you are eligible to be a member.

Become a member

After your forwarder has passed our validation process, you will be eligible to become a member of the network that make up to 1.500 searches/month for forwarders to handle their shipments.

Onboarding process

Once you become a member and unlock all its benefits, you will have your own key account that will guide you and your team through the platform, and help you with indications when needed.