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Freight forwarder partners management system

Created on | Last updated on May 13, 2022 at 02:21 pm

Because freight forwarders act on so many touchpoints is extremely important to keep an organization process in all of them. Especially when it comes to managing freight forwarder partnerships, that is why it is highly recommended that the forwarders use a freight forwarder partners management system.

After all, finding forwarder partners is one of the most time-consuming tasks inside a freight forwarding company, either looking for new freight partners or searching for current forwarder partners in the spreadsheet collection most forwarders have. 

I think it is safe to say that one of the most challenging things inside a forwarding company is keeping track of all freight forwarding partnerships. That is why the forwarders have been looking more and more for freight management software. 

What can you do with a freight forwarder partnering management system?

Freight forwarding partnering systems – PRM, which works like a CRM for freight forwarder partnerships – help forwarders to centralize, optimize, and streamline communication inside the company, along with the quotation processes, and the decision making. The more consolidated the information of your partners are the faster your team can work on it.

  • PRM = Partner Relationship Management is a technology for managing all your freight forwarder company’s partnerships, interactions with current partners and potential freight partners.

By using a freight partnering management system, forwarders can:

  • keep track of all current forwarder partners, and potential ones; 
  • know which freight partners to consider for a service;
  • create their own and personalized logistics network; 
  • save time looking for freight forwarder partners to quote;
  • make faster decisions inside the freight forwarder organization.

The main goal of these logistics software is freight forwarding process improvement, with a freight forwarding management system, forwarders companies don’t need to be glued to numerous spreadsheets.

What are the benefits of freight forwarding partners management software?

A software for freight forwarder management will benefit forwarders on many levels, as mentioned earlier, the main benefit is to centralize, optimize and streamline the process of finding forwarder partners to close a business. However, there are some more worth mentioning:

  1. Better knowledge of forwarder partners:

Each freight forwarder is different, they offer different services, have different characteristics, offer a different price, and so on. That is why it is so important to keep track of all this information, better yet keep all this in a single freight forwarder tool. 

Once you have all the information you need when you are going to close a business with a freight forwarder partner consolidated it will save you a lot of time, either that or you will keep scrolling through the many emails you’ve exchanged.

  1. Better and faster communication:

As mentioned on the last topic, having all the important information of your freight partner consolidated in a logistics management system, it will no longer be necessary to go back and forth between the many emails you have exchanged. 

So, if you are used to doing business with a freight forwarder partner you will just need to confirm with them their data, leading to faster and more efficient communication.

  1. Better anticipation of the forwarder needs:

During a business negotiation, you will understand exactly what your forwarder partner needs from you. If he needs a specific document to go with the cargo, or if the cargo has to go in a certain way, and so on. 

Once you have the knowledge of all your partner’s details, when you close another business with him you can anticipate exactly what he needs, just remember to confirm the info first.

You might be asking yourself, but which freight management software can use to do all that? Don’t worry, I will show you! 

Parnity’s freight forwarder partners management system

Parnity is a digital logistics network with an add-on feature of freight forwarder management it’s CRM for forwarder partners – called MyPartners – is a solution for freight forwarders to stop using spreadsheets and start improving their partnership’s management. It is a new solution in the logistics market for you to be able to manage your forwarder partners in the most intuitive and enjoyable way.

We even like to call it PRM = Partnering Relationship Management, due to the importance of managing forwarder partners. 

With Parnity’s PRM tool you are able to:

1 – Organize your current freight partners through a CRM board by country, modal, service, quality, or… whatever you want (really!). By organizing your partners through categories your pricing team quotation process gets easier, this way you already know which services your forwarder partner offers and how he can help you.

2 – Add new partners to your OWN logistics network. Find a forwarder on Parnity’s search in a lane that you haven’t developed yet, and add them to YOUR OWN partner’s list. No need to spend hours looking for new partners outside Parnity, find forwarders in 10 seconds and add them to your network for future business.

3 – Rank your forwarder partners from top to bottom using your own personalized criteria, either by country, modal, service, or whatever you want. This will help to know which freight partner you should prioritize during quotations, leading to faster decision-making.

4 – Visualize your forwarder partners in a single place, you can choose to view them on a single list, or you can see them divided by lists of country. Save time finding your current forwarder partners, having them divided by country you and your pricing team will always know who to quote for each region.

5 – Share your CRM board with your entire team to facilitate the operation inside your forwarder company. Can you imagine having your whole team on the same page? Let your entire team know who to quote for each business operation, this improves productivity.

6 – Analyze your current partnerships, upload your current partnerships data to get access to a business intelligence tool, and be able to analyze all your forwarders partnerships data. Management can make better decisions based on accurate, up-to-date metrics.

To see how you can do all of that watch the video below

To sum up 

See how easier your life can get using a freight forwarder partners management system? Keep in mind all the benefits it can bring to your forwarder business: 

  • saving time when looking for your current forwarder partners in the many spreadsheets you have; 
  • better visibility of your partners and it’s information; 
  • faster decision-making, after all, having all your partners information in a single place makes the decision a lot easier;
  • team alignment, once you share your partner’s information with your whole team you give them the power to take the first steps;
  • and much more.

Using freight forwarding management software your team will be making faster and better decisions with complete and visual information.

To start using Parnity’s management tool click here.