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Everything you need to know about Parnity

Created on | Last updated on September 13, 2023 at 06:20 pm

Parnity is an up-to-date digital logistics network optimized to meet the needs of today’s freight-forwarding industry. 

With forwarder members in more than 75 different countries, we offer a platform to enable forwarders to improve their processes and close new shipments quickly and efficiently.

Our main goal is to revolutionize the freight forwarding and logistics industry, to ensure that forwarding companies have the best partnerships with other forwarders. 

By using technology, we can solve the problems that forwarders face in finding potential partners, make their routines more efficient, and contribute to optimizing processes.

We’re the most user-friendly and engaging network for forwarders across the world – a network that teams actually want to use, from quoting new partners to analyzing current partnerships’ quality.

Why become a Parnity member?

Parnity offers unique advantages to improve and optimize the day-to-day life of forwarders and consequently contribute to greater efficiency in the freight forwarding industry.

We believe that technology can transform the way things are done and we are dedicated to helping our members achieve success. 

Here are some of the benefits we offer, and which can be the key to your success in the freight forwarding industry.

Find new partners worldwide

Parnity members can find potential partners in more than 75 countries to cover their business in just 5 seconds, 60% less time when compared to other logistics networks, and forwarder directories. 

This will ensure that you can find a forwarder anywhere in the world to partner with and quote faster than ever!

Access to the most complete profile of the market

When looking for a freight partner, Parnity members have access to the most complete profile with crucial information as well as photos, videos, and financial background.

PRO TIP: having a complete forwarder profile is crucial to attracting new potential partners and making the process of choosing a freight forwarder partner easier. 

Request and receive quotations through our innovative marketplace with just one click

Parnity’s innovative marketplace – the Business Hub, allows forwarders inside the network to add quotation requests to other forwarders and answer the quotations forwarders have added. 

It’s an amazing opportunity to find new partners to help you deal with a shipment and increase your business generation.

Talk to potential partners in REAL-TIME

Parnity has built an online chat, similar to what you see on LinkedIn so that forwarders can send and receive messages with quotations in real-time.

This means that you can talk to forwarders and start developing a partnership immediately, making not only the overall process much faster but also your email inbox less cluttered.

Have the opportunity to be the first forwarder listed in your country

No more alphabetical order! Parnity’s intelligent search tool organizes the search results by the probability of being a high-quality agent.

This means that your forwarder can appear at the top of the searches and receive more shipments.

PRO TIP: to increase your chances of being the #1 freight forwarder in search results, remember to keep your profile as complete as possible, be active on Parnity, and work on your Trust Scan.

Increase financial security when making partnerships

Parnity Shield is a financial protection program that offers an additional layer of security to complement its existing membership. 

Our financial protection program, it’s optional and additional to the membership. 

This means that you can choose to add the Shield to your membership for an additional cost in order to have an extra layer of protection against the lack of incoming payments from other members. 

One of the main differences between the Shield and other traditional networks’ payment protection is that with Parnity Shield, you are protected from the whole network, and not only from members who also have the Shield. 

Experience exclusive networking opportunities

Parnity believes that in-person and digital events are essential for increasing networking and business exchange. 

That’s why we offer our members the opportunity to participate in exclusive online events at no additional cost that happens on a bi-monthly basis.

In addition, Parnity hosts a yearly in-person conference for all the members of our network, our upcoming event will take place on February 1 to 3, 2024 in Las Vegas! Click here to know more.

These events provide an environment for members to connect, learn from one another, and discover new business opportunities.

Engage with a live community

Parnity is more than just a network system, it’s a community of forwarder professionals dedicated to helping one another succeed. 

Members of the community have access to a wealth of knowledge and resources that can help them grow their businesses and make valuable connections.

With Parnity you have access to exclusive content with tips and insights about the logistics industry produced by our team.

Whether you’re looking for advice on how to navigate a particular market or need help finding the right partners, Parnity’s community is there to support you.

Here’s a sneak peek of how our network works from the inside:
Manage your partners with Parnity’s PRM (add-on feature)

MyPartners – is a solution for freight forwarders to stop using spreadsheets and start improving their partnership management. 

It’s a new solution in the logistics market for you to be able to manage your forwarder partners in the most intuitive and enjoyable way.

Parnity’s freight management system allows you to organize your forwarder partners on a tool only available to your company, and let your team quote only who you want to consider.

Besides that, you can also visualize your worldwide partners’ map to understand in which places there are partnership opportunities to be developed and where you are good to go.

Likewise, you can organize your current freight partners through a board by country, modal, service, quality, or… whatever you want (really!).

See for yourself the new way of managing your freight forwarder partners without using a spreadsheet.

Take a quick tour through MyPartners with our CEO:

What makes Parnity different from the traditional logistics networks?

The main point that makes Parnity distinct from the other logistics networks is its technological concept, specially developed to make the forwarders’ routine faster and more efficient.

Parnity offers a number of resources and tools that allow members to maximize their visibility and attract new business.

Different from other networks Parnity offers the possibility to talk and be contacted in real-time by forwarders in more than 75 countries and build new partnerships faster than ever.

In Parnity you also have the opportunity to register your branch offices at no additional cost. 

In the same membership, our members can list ALL their branches and specify which team members are responsible for receiving inquiries in each one. 

This means you can increase the visibility of your forwarder by adding the addresses of your branches and key contacts to have them visible and available to receive inquiries as well.

In addition, Parnity offers its members the possibility to view the validated documents of other agents to give the members the power to make their own choices, based on their own criteria.

Not to mention that Parnity does not have a limit of companies per country, which means that any freight forwarder can join our platform and take advantage of the business opportunities we offer. 

This can generate a large amount of business and help improve the quality of results for freight forwarders looking for partners in their region. 

Along with that, the global coverage allows forwarders to increase their business through shipments and quotations.

Parnity is always bringing the power of choosing, managing, and analyzing the forwarder partners to YOUR freight forwarder company.

How to join Parnity?

Parnity is a digital logistics network for freight forwarders and therefore the main prerequisite to be part of our platform is that the company is an independent freight forwarder. 

We believe that collaboration and networking are important for success in the freight forwarding industry, and therefore we strive to bring together the best independent forwarders to our community. 

Furthermore, our community allows our members to have the flexibility to take advantage of business opportunities and grow in their markets. 

If you are an independent freight forwarder looking to improve your business processes and expand your network, Parnity is the right network for you.

Becoming a Parnity Member

If you are interested in joining Parnity and taking advantage of the business opportunities we offer, the first step is to visit our website and start your registration.

This is a quick and easy process that will ask you for basic information. 

After completing your registration, you will need to go through the validation process, where our team will verify the information provided and assess whether your company fits our membership criteria. 

All forwarders members on Parnity have gone through our transparent validation process to ensure that you only quote validated freight forwarders. 

Every forwarder you find on Parnity has gone through a process in which we verify the information submitted by the forwarder when creating their company profile. 

Finally, to become an official member of Parnity, you will need to pay the membership fee. 

We believe that joining our platform is a valuable investment in the growth and success of your company, and we are excited to help you achieve your business goals.

It’s worth mentioning that Parnity’s membership fee is the best membership price in the industry.

This means you can have access to unique tools that will help you grow your freight business for much less than most traditional logistics networks offer.

You’re invited to join Parnity’s community!

Parnity is much more than a list of forwarder contacts! We’re a thriving community dedicated to improving networking and business exchange.

We aim to improve the partnerships between forwarders and the freight business through an easy-to-use network system.

With members in 75+ countries, Parnity provides a community for your forwarder to enhance business and partnerships. 

Our fresh approach to networking propels your freight forwarder to a new level. Parnity is the evolution of forwarder networks!

If you have come this far, we invite you to connect with other forwarders and exchange businesses in Parnity. 

Don’t waste any more time, become a member of Parnity today. We look forward to having you on board!