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Learn how you, as a manager, can use Parnity for:

Data Analysis

Information centralization

Partners Mapping

Simon Albert Gomes

Angel Shipping Limited

Parnity is great, the best platform for sourcing forwarding business. With the Trust Scan we have a quick solution for the challenge that is finding new forwarders. I highly indicate all forwarders to use it!

Data Analysis

Make data-informed decisions based on accurate, up-to-date metrics.

Upload your current partnerships data to get access to a business intelligence tool, and be able to analyze all your forwarders partnerships data. Understand if it is a win-win partnership or not.

Information centralization

Bring information together to move work forward

Easily share information in the Partnership overview. Know exactly what you, or your manager have discussed with a partner in a conference or fair. Add comments, year you became partners, profit share, source of where you have met that partner, check key contacts, or whatever you like. Keep everyone on the same page, wherever they are.

Partners Mapping

Have a visual analysis of your partnerships worldwide

Map the partners to be able to analyze your worldwide coverage, countries that need partnerships to be developed, or develop new partnerships in countries that you need to improve the quality of the partners. Get a visual overview of where to improve, and where to develop.

Parnity for Pricing Team

Parnity for Trade Lane, or Business developer