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Parnity for Pricing Team

From quoting the perfect partner, to receiving fast quotations, Parnity can help you!

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Learn how you, as a manager, can use Parnity for:

Finding forwarders

Fast quotations

Complete forwarder information

Pre-selected list of partners

Vinicius Coimbra

NK Worldwide

I am the one who uses Parnity the most, and it has brought us facilities especially with the custom filters within countries. So far I have enjoyed the platform very much.

Find forwarders

Find a new forwarder to quote in two clicks

With our AI-powered search engine, you will be able to find the ideal forwarder and get access to the complete information about the company in two clicks.

Complete forwarder information

Complete information to analyze if the forwarder is the right fit for your quotation

Find company branches, address, website, key contact information in each branch and head office, company photos, presentation and services. You can also analyze the company background thorugh external logistics validators like IATA, DUNS, AEO and FRDS.

Fast quotations

Time is everything when you need a quotation

With the help of our AI-powered search engine, you will see on the top of the search only active companies, so the information is complete and updated. This makes you get faster quotations.

Pre-selected list of partners

Do not lose time by contacting your manager to know who to quote

Your manager will make the partner mapping, preparing the list of partners that should be considered to quote on every country, with all comments of the history of the partnership. You only have to send the email, no need to select forwarders anymore!

Parnity for Management

Parnity for Trade Lane, or Business developer