Logistics Network focuses on helping freight forwarders to find other freight forwarders to work with.

Parnity does that?


But we also will help you to:
Find forwarders on the most intuitive and enjoyable way
Reach 10k+ companies in 180+ countries around the world, and consult incontestable credibility information about a Forwarder.
Improve your company collaboration by providing a platform for information centralization
Organize your partner’s list by country, modal, service, quality, and whatever you like
Visualize your partner’s map, and understand where should you work to develop partnerships
Keep your team on the same page on partners complete information
Make sure only selected partners are quoted
Analyze all partnerships quality

Much more than a logistics network

Parnity’s main goal is to solve the forwarders partnering problem in a much deeper way.

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An easier, more organized way to build your forwarder partnerships

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